Since 1977, Drug Information Center (DIC) have assessed drugs on research. Assessment of drugs is demanded to efficacy, safety, and other factors. We make an objective appraisal of the factors, and provide the information to doctor, pharmacist and other medical professions.






Yoshikazu ISHINO

Vice president of DIC

Shigeru MIZUNO




Hisashi IIJIMA, Ph.D.

Researcher (Commissioner)

Takao AOYAMA, Ph.D.


Masashi SAIGA

Assistant section chief



1. Provision of Information

(1) Drug information, Medical insurance, and associated information

(2) Control over the Internet

# Website maintenance

# Information service by e-mail

(3) Information service by FAX

(4) Information service to patient

(5) Information service to pharmacist


2. Research  @@@Achievement

(1) Evaluation of pharmacists' ability

(2) Evaluation of clinical article

(3) Formulation and evaluation of medical care information system

(4) Formulation and evaluation of cooperation with regional medical


3. Ethical Review Board

 Research of medical pharmacy is demanded to scientific, ethical, and moral responsibility. Particularly on ethical responsibility, human rights must be guaranteed. And the research must abide by the pharmaceutical regulation, and other acts. And so Ethical Review Board judge research of medical pharmacy.


4. Regional Medical Liaison Office

# Coordinator of Drug sheet of Chiba Alliance Medical Path-Stroke (CAMP-S)

# System of registration for home care pharmacy

# Training of physical assessment


5. Editorial Office

Chiba Pharmaceutical Association began to publish the Journal of Chiba Pharmaceutical Association in 1956. The journal includes academic documents, public affairs, and so forth. Editorial office edits the journal, and issue at 11 times a year.


6. Risk Management

 In case of medical accident, we support pharmacist with the lawyer.


7. Safeguard against the novel influenza

In recent years, the novel influenza makes a likely pandemic scenario. So DIC create a manual for coping with the novel influenza.





Drug Information Center, Chiba Pharmaceutical Association

9-2 Tonyacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 260-0025, Japan